A day of Housewives

When it comes to lovely meals or agreeable meals, many people may said they are adept at cooking, especially some housewives performing well in kitchens. They often could cook meals and serve up in minutes. Today, I learn a delicious dish from a housewife and would like to share it to all people. Hope more and more foodies could get it, then you can cook it at home. During a week, one may could spend hours on cooking for lacking of energy and time.

When one would like dishes on tables in a short time, the following dishes could be wonderful choices.

All ingredients are as follows: little mushrooms, jasmine rice, spring onions, chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, corn flour, peanuts, sesames, garlic cloves, gingers, oyster oils, light soil sauce, etc. Here are some steps to cook the dish:

  1. Put jasmine rice into a deep pot with a lid with water over them. Then add a pinch of salt. Simmer for 15 minutes. After fluff up rice, simmer for a while, slightly ajar. Please notice that do not the let more heat lost.
  2. After washing mushrooms, toss with corn flour slightly, then heat the groundnut oil to warm, and start to fry the mushrooms in a wok for several minutes to golden. Put them on kitchen paper for use.
  3. Clean and wipe the wok. Put sesame oil in the middle of the wok and heat it prior to add garlic and ginger. Fry them until fragrant. Then you need add soy sauce, two spoonful vinegar and cornflour paste. After simmering two or three minutes, toss them in a wok and repeat the step again.
  4. Add spring onions and sesame seeds into a wok, and stir it evenly.
  5. At last, spoon rice into bowls, shaking fresh chili or chili oil, fried mushrooms and blanched vegetables onto it.

Another agreeable dish is also popular with many people – breaded sardines with kohlrabi salad. In this season, light lunch and supper are suitable to combine with apples. The most delicious varieties of apples could be get from farm shops and famers markets. Not only save money for yourself and eat more delicious apples. It is a win-win.

At first, contain beaten egg, breadcrumbs and flour on three separate plates. Dip sardines to flour and then in eggs one by one, shaking off excessive flour before submerging it into eggs. In the end, coat them in breadscrumbs, cooling it in fridge.

Put some ingredients like tapenade, lemon juice, oil and a little dill on a chopping board. Stir through them and season to taste. After these steps, put aside standby. Slice kohlrabies, apples, red onion and radishes, and put them in a bowl, adding some watercress into them. Cooling them in a fridge for a while.

Then put oil to the middle of a wok and fry sardines one to three minutes, till golden. Then put them on kitchen paper to drain oil. Then you can put them in an oven to toast them.

Choosing a suitable Dressing Gown

When it comes to “investment pieces”, Mulberry bag or Burberry scarf will occur to most of people. But I come up with a total different object – comparing with other people – dressing gown.

Besides the armbands, my favorite words is “halatnost” in Russian, meaning dressing gowns. The alluring word is used to the Russian by an author named Ivan Goncharov in Oblomov. In the very beginning, the word was used to express negligence, and “halatnost” did mean hanging around to kill time by reading newspapers on weekends. It’s easy to imagine such scenes, one stumbled in the house and do nothing at all, accompanying a sense of boredom and daydreaming.

In modern society, more and more people will choose comfortable gowns out of work. Taking off outfits in work and taking on gowns at night could release tiredness after a whole day’s work. Big decisions of life are to have kids or not, to decide where to settle down. But at present, the big decisions are to choose comfortable gowns there. If one from north part or at a certain age, housecoats are good choices for them. One can choose a bathrobe if you are literal-minded.

Here are some characteristics or advantages of different gowns. For me, I like fluffy gowns for their comfortable touch like cuddling in clouds or bathing in marshmallows. Waist belts around body leave users in a comfortable and warm status. Dressing gowns with big pockets could accommodate some small items as much as possible. And a long gown with a hood makes one look like a brave soldier who could fight the whole world and win finally.

A floor-length gown leaves a more sexual impression, reminding the striking sexuality in luxurious hotels. The fiery red dressing gown in the Liverpool red could be worn when someone watch matches at the twilight or dawn. A long gown with subtle pattern could be worn when one sits on a soft long sofa, surrounded with roaring fire and a brandy. A glossy gown could be worn in summer, creating a sense of sexuality in a cooling night of summer.

When one wake up in the morning, they may couldn’t get accustomed to their daily outfits for more comfortable dressing gowns. With the approaching of winter, more and more people will choose warm and thick clothes prior to step out of their doors. Some people choose chic berets to match blazers, leather jackets with a pair of heels or flat leather shoes are all good choices.

Oh, a new idea occurred to me suddenly. Many females are reluctant wash hairs for cold weather. At that moment, a beret hat us, beanie or wool beret are all panaceas for them in freezing winter, especially for those who owns long hairs. It’s difficult to wash and comb them smoothly in short time. When you would like to hide dirty and greasy hairs, do not forget the smart usage of hats. Welcome many readers subscribe our blogs and we will bring you more new ideas about life. Good night.

Keeping Females away from Sexual Harassment

Some females say they were harassed by driving instructors during driving lessons. Almost all females resent this kind of situation. But what can we do when confronting such sick driving instructors?

A young and pretty girl, aged 17, says she was harassed by a driving instructor. She lives in a small village, and there is only one driving instructor in the village. Sexual harassment begins with some uncomfortable comments on her appearance, body and the lines of suggestions on my clothes. He suggested me to wear skirts and beret hat us more often for more sexy looks, and also said he have liked my legs. Then, sexual harassment escalate to touch my thigh. When he help me to change the gear, he put his hands on my thigh and linger for a long time; while I could not stop it for occupied hands.

Not just the young girl has come across such conditions. The author has collected than one male and 20 young females were harassed by similar problems during the last two weeks. There are some obvious characteristics among them: young and inexperienced females, vulnerable and powerless word, similar situations and without witnesses. Some persons even were criticized, because they doubted that they make a fuss. Some persons have tried to complain the driving instructor, but they were brushed off finally or ignored.

But such negative effects for many persons are serious, which could cause expectable results. Similar to other persons, the young girl stops learning driving anymore and she does not know when she will resume to learn driving once again.

The driving instructor begins fondling her legs. She is shame on it and feel sick, but could not stop this harassment. She is only a girl aged 17. She didn’t tell that to her parents, and proposed it as unsuitable touch. But her parents said she should go on the remaining classes rather than stopping and trapped by the humiliating memories.

Above stories is usual in daily life. During the last six years, over 100 females have experienced similar conditions. When such matters grow serious, loads of females In San Francisco who have similar experiences contact with each other and accuse the driving instructor. In the end, the guy was jailed for abusing females in classes.

Then guidelines have been published this year on those approved driving instructors, which admitted that there are really inappropriate actions. The serious degrees range from sexualized language, unneeded physical contact and inappropriate behaviors.

After the release of such guidelines, one driving instructor says each complain about sexual harassment will be researched carefully and police will intervene case when it is necessary. Now, it’s difficult for driving instructors to abuse the convenience of their careers; any driving teacher will lose the qualification to be a member of the Approved Driving Instructor and will lose the opportunity to teacher learners. For the purpose of tackling the phenomenon, the agency inspire learners to speak out these incidents, and they tried their best to look into details.