Choosing a suitable Dressing Gown

When it comes to “investment pieces”, Mulberry bag or Burberry scarf will occur to most of people. But I come up with a total different object – comparing with other people – dressing gown.

Besides the armbands, my favorite words is “halatnost” in Russian, meaning dressing gowns. The alluring word is used to the Russian by an author named Ivan Goncharov in Oblomov. In the very beginning, the word was used to express negligence, and “halatnost” did mean hanging around to kill time by reading newspapers on weekends. It’s easy to imagine such scenes, one stumbled in the house and do nothing at all, accompanying a sense of boredom and daydreaming.

In modern society, more and more people will choose comfortable gowns out of work. Taking off outfits in work and taking on gowns at night could release tiredness after a whole day’s work. Big decisions of life are to have kids or not, to decide where to settle down. But at present, the big decisions are to choose comfortable gowns there. If one from north part or at a certain age, housecoats are good choices for them. One can choose a bathrobe if you are literal-minded.

Here are some characteristics or advantages of different gowns. For me, I like fluffy gowns for their comfortable touch like cuddling in clouds or bathing in marshmallows. Waist belts around body leave users in a comfortable and warm status. Dressing gowns with big pockets could accommodate some small items as much as possible. And a long gown with a hood makes one look like a brave soldier who could fight the whole world and win finally.

A floor-length gown leaves a more sexual impression, reminding the striking sexuality in luxurious hotels. The fiery red dressing gown in the Liverpool red could be worn when someone watch matches at the twilight or dawn. A long gown with subtle pattern could be worn when one sits on a soft long sofa, surrounded with roaring fire and a brandy. A glossy gown could be worn in summer, creating a sense of sexuality in a cooling night of summer.

When one wake up in the morning, they may couldn’t get accustomed to their daily outfits for more comfortable dressing gowns. With the approaching of winter, more and more people will choose warm and thick clothes prior to step out of their doors. Some people choose chic berets to match blazers, leather jackets with a pair of heels or flat leather shoes are all good choices.

Oh, a new idea occurred to me suddenly. Many females are reluctant wash hairs for cold weather. At that moment, a beret hat us, beanie or wool beret are all panaceas for them in freezing winter, especially for those who owns long hairs. It’s difficult to wash and comb them smoothly in short time. When you would like to hide dirty and greasy hairs, do not forget the smart usage of hats. Welcome many readers subscribe our blogs and we will bring you more new ideas about life. Good night.

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